About Stinger
Steven (Stinger) Ray - Steel Artist - Photo
Windmill Steel Art
Stingers Steel wine Rack - Geraldton

Stephen Ray (known to many people as “Stinger”)

I was born in Victoria, Australia and completed my trade and qualified as a First Class Boilermaker there.

Moving to Geraldton in the 1980s I worked on many projects around the Mid West region.

Eventually my artistic talents began to emerge, and I turned this hobby into a profession.

Serious Art…

Now my artworks are prized possessions of many serious art collectors. I have sold pieces locally, around Western Australia, interstate and even to overseas buyers.

I create unique sculptures, artworks, furniture and functional pieces such as balustrades and gates. Bespoke wine racks are my specialty.

Whilst metal is the natural medium of choice, I also incorporate timber, stone, glass and other materials into my designs.

The natural environment, and particularly the ocean, provides inspiration for much of my artwork. Many sea creatures can be found in my sculptures, as well as birds and other animals.

Realism Resonates…

Never one to compromise on detail, I meticulously research subjects so that I “get it right”.  The realism of this work resonates with many people who appreciate the detail and accuracy of the creations.

Comments such as: “that looks like it is real” or “that sculpture may be steel but it has movement” are often heard.

Commissions Available

There are usually some artworks available for interested buyers, but many pieces are commissioned.

I like to work closely with my clients to ensure that their ideas are smoothly integrated into the finished product.

No two pieces are the same. Everything I make is crafted by hand, be that in the forge or using specialised metals and techniques. It is impossible to make an exact replica of any of my artworks.

Each piece is stamped or labelled with my own maker’s mark and its own unique number.

You can find some of my artwork around Geraldton:

  • the Batavia Playground (complete with cannon!) near the Museum is a favourite of many children;
  • part of Lal’s Lookout at Cape Burney (Greenough River Mouth)
  • the Lighthouse beach shower near Point Moore
  • the octopus sculptures on the light poles in front of the Museum

Installations were also completed for the Boatshed Restaurant, Le Café, Look Ahead Hair Salon as well as many private residences around Geraldton.

Batavia Playground near Museum Canon - Stingers Steel work